Tyson McEwen

Kanetica Practitioner, Remedial Niblett therapist


 I have always been passionate about the health of my body. My body has been 'blessed' with numerous injuries due to lifestyle, incorrect lifting, wearn and tear, and incorrect eating and drinking. Lucky enough for me, I am stubborn, and believe there is always a way to correct the pain and sufferings from your past. I am living proof that with the right awareness, consistency and patience anything is possible, all you need is the right formula.

Personal Contact Details:

P: 0401 099 633



Specialising in

*Specialising in muscle and tendon realignment
*structurally balancing the body using Kanetica
* specific regions of interest are lower back and hips, neck and shoulders, arms and ankles

More about me.

Tyson McEwen is a passionate young man with a wealth of knowledge in health and wellbeing. Tyson has Certificate 4 in Remedial Massage, a Dipolma in the Niblett Technique and has recently graduated from the Kanetica Method practitioner program. He has worked hand in hand with Allan Niblett from the age of 15 to 21. Tyson has had great success in treating many difficult muscular skeletal conditions from sciatica to frozen shoulders. He has just moved down to Melbourne to study Nutrition at The Australian Intitute of Applied Sciences in the Melbourne's CBD, while training to become a Colon Hydrotherapist

Where I practice:

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