John Rooney

Kanetica Practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist


 My lifelong philosophy? To use natural methods to assist in the healing and rejuvenation of the body. I am committed to your well-being."  

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Specialising in

Structural balancing, combining Kanetica and massage.
Also, I work closely with dancers to improve their flexibility and range of movement.
Other areas I can help with:
- Lower back and hip problems.
- Body performance
- improving energy levels
- Corporate Massage
- Sports Massage

More about me.

"Through experiencing years of struggling with my own low energy levels, it has given me a passion to understand and improve my own and other peoples energy levels at a physical level. Now I am helping others to reduce their pain and discomfort for them to have a healthy and free-moving life.

I insist on using Kanetica as a primary treatment as it is focused on realigning the body to gain freedom in the structure. I use therapeutic massage styles specifically aimed to support structural balancing, such as improving muscle-circulation for the rejuvenation of problem areas. A healthy balanced structure will use less energy for movability. I want to help because I see people in all areas and ages suffering from some sort of pain and discomfort. Having a healthy and freely moving body is very important to me. I have made the efforts of this for myself, and now I want to assist in helping other people gain this same freedom.

Where I practice:


Gold Coast

2A/34 High St

Southport 4215 QLD

Phone: 0755 94 90 95

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