Basil Mouasher

Pratitioner and Founder


 After the unfortunate problems had with his feet at the age of 13, he started his quest to better understand how the body works and became very successful in helping himself, which in turn is helping hundreds of people. Most of all Basil loves to enrich others as he himself has seen the benefits - enriching his life.

For over 20 years, Basil Mouasher has treated, trained, coached, mentored and advised people with pain and limitations. He shows people how to advance themselves and enhance their abilities to achieve the best in what they seek.

Having been taught by some of the world's best coaches, mentors and his current grand master, his methods of treating Chronic Pain Issues, Peaking Sports Performance and dealing with the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body is extraordinary. His astounding results have earned him national and international recognition.


Personal Contact Details:

P: 0755 949095



Specialising in

Chronic Pain and Sports Performance
Biomechanics, Structural (re)Balancing & Integration
Remedial and Sports Muscular Therapy
Industry Advisor & Consulting
Teacher/ Speaker
High performing Coaching

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Where I practice:


Kanetica Centre - Gold Coast

2A/34 High St

Southport 4215 QLD

Phone: 0755 94 90 95

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Kanetica Practice Sydney

Brunskills Pharmacy 886 Military Road,

Mosman 2088 NSW

Phone: 0755 94 90 95

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