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5 August, 2014 | Full Details of 11-day Indo-Australian Expedition

       Access all details for:
- 11 day Indo-Australian Expedition;
- International Symposium: Together Against Bullying;
- International Wellness Seminar: Living Excellence
Read More

4 August, 2014 | Indo-Australian Expedition kicks off with week-long Launch in Hyderabad

       Upcoming Indo-Australian expedition reaches new high after a week of activity in India with Sue and Doug Lipp representing Australia, Trinity Lutheran College and Kanetica. Read More

12 July, 2014 | Australian delegation sent to India before Indo-Australian Expedition

       Australia delegation leaves for Indian shores in preparation for the upcoming Indo-Australian Expedition being planned on the Gold Coast and Brisbane for August 17-28. Read More

11 February 2014 | Kanetica Joins Stand Against Bullying with Proposed Indo-Australian Expedition

       Kanetica Joins forces with Inspire India and inspirational Ms Janette Salmi, Dean of Students at local Trinity Lutheran College, in an international stand against bullying, with a proposed 11-day Indo-Australian Expedition later this year. Read More

20 December, 2013 | A Powerful New Movement Brewing in Gold Coast City

       Fifteen powerful people with big hearts for social change have come together to discuss a powerful new movement brewing on the Gold Coast. Read More

17 December, 2013 | Kanetica treats Swedish soccer star

       Basil, Founder of the Kanetica™ Method, treats one of Sweden’s soccer stars, Henok Goitom. Read More

14 Nov, 2013 | Australian farewell to an Indian legend

       After a jam-packed two weeks, Raju Ravitej, the social entrepreneur, cause angel, and now dear friend of the Kanetica team, is leaving back to his home shores of India. Read More

12 Nov, 2013 | Talk with Screen Queensland reveals progress towards Kanetica film

       After Kanetica’s successful meeting with Screen Queensland last week to discuss the idea of making an Indo-Australian film about the Kanetica story, today’s follow up call progressed the proposal with a discussion around Screen Queensland’s various funding programs. Read More

11 Nov, 2013 | How a Cause can Change our World – An Evening with Raju Ravitej

       Kanetica hosted a special evening for the Gold Coast community with Raju Ravitej, the social entrepreneur who is in Australia to help launch the Kanetica cause. Read More

11 Nov, 2013 | A plan against bullying hatches at Paradise Kids

       The Kanetica team today met with Rev. Dr. Ian Maver, the founder of Paradise Kids, to discuss how the Kanetica cause can support the work of Paradise Kids. Read More

11 Nov, 2013 | Kanetica seeks fundraising advice from experienced Gold Coast fundraiser

       The Kanetica Team today met with Karen Kolenko, a dedicated public servant, experienced fundraiser, and also a long standing patient of Kanetica, to seek advice on how to raise funds to fulfil Kanetica’s vision to eradicate pain and physical limitations. Read More

10 Nov, 2013 | Kanetica, Australia, India, and the Centre for Social Change

       During a tour of the Australian Centre for Sustainability today, the Kanetica team was fortunate to meet with the Director of the Centre for Social Change. Read More

8 Nov, 2013 | Kanetica plans to bring relief to Australians suffering pain and limitation

       The Kanetica team drove up to Noosa to meet with health business coach, Anthony Cappiaghi from Ideal Practice, to discuss ways to bring its unique treatment to more Australians suffering from pain and limitations. Read More

7 Nov, 2013 | Community Event: What do Transcendental Meditation and Structural (Re)Balancing have in common?

       Today Kanetica hosted their first community event at the Gold Coast Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre, where Kanetica treatments are offered, as part of the launch of the Kanetica cause. Read More

7 Nov, 2013 | Raju Ravitej meets Honorary Consul of India

       Raju and Basil today met with Mrs. Archana Singh, Honorary Consul of India, to better understand the Indian social and business communities in Australia and Queensland, and seek support and advice for any work done in Australia by Kanetica or Inspire India. Read More

7 Nov, 2013 | Kanetica Film highlights big opportunity for Gold Coast

       The Kanetica team again met with Craig Rowsell form the Gold Coast City Mayor's office to further talks about the making of the Kanetica movie. Read More

6 Nov, 2013 | Kanetica Film seeks student scriptwriters for lifetime opportunity

       The Kanetica team today met with the Pro Vice Chancellor of Bond University, as well as the Directors of Bond’s Film School and International Department, to discuss the Kanetica movie and opportunities for students to write the script and be involved in educational exchanges with Inspire India. Read More

5 Nov, 2013 | Screen Queensland also backs Kanetica Film

       Today the Kanetica team met with Screen Queensland to present to them the Kanetica film proposal and seek their backing and advice. Read More

4 Nov, 2013 | Ideas abound from meeting with Hon. Steven Ciobo MP

       The Kanetica team met today with Steven Ciobo, a local councillor and also member of the federal government of Australia, to seek backing and advice for the Kanetica film and other opportunities to build Australia-India relations. Read More

2 Nov, 2013 | Kanetica Cause Team meets for the first time

       Today, over breakfast, the founding Kanetica Cause Team members all met in person for the first time. Now this may not seem significant, until one looks at what amazing things have transpired between a group of people who have never met their Indian friend. Read More

1 Nov, 2013 | Kanetica Film gets Gold Coast City backing

       Today, the Gold Coast City Mayor’s Advocacy Officer and members of the Economic Development branch, backed Kanetica’s idea of making a film on the Gold Coast. Read More

1 Nov, 2013 | The Kanetica Cause book – a rare gift

       Raju Ravitej, an Indian dignitary and social entrepreneur, who is in Australia, has generously gifted Kanetica with fifteen collector’s copies of the Kanetica Cause book. Read More

31 Oct, 2013 | Indian dignitary arrives in Australia to launch the Kanetica Cause

       He’s here! After months of planning, the Indian dignitary, social entrepreneur, film writer and speaker from India, Raju Ravitej, has finally arrived in Australia. Read More

23 Oct, 2013 | Kanetica Centre showcases international award-winning photographer

       Kanetica has teamed up with international award-winning photographer David Pagey, to showcase his talent by decorating the reception of their Gold Coast Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre, with a selection of David’s award winning photographs. Read More

9 Sep, 2013 | Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre opens on the Gold Coast

       Kanetica Opens its Gold Coast Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre Read More

16 Jan, 2013 | Interns Learn in Innovative Startup

       Griffith University acknowledged our work with business student interns. Read More

17 Dec, 2012 | A Healthy Way to Learn

       Gold Coast Bulletin write up about Kanetica's interns with Griffith University Read More

6 Aug, 2012 | New Body Therapy Gets Health Practice Moving

        Gold Coast Bulletin write up about Kanetica. Read More