Sports, Corporate, Trades, Youth And Senior People of All Ages!

People from 10 to 85, have reported extraordinary benefits and longer lasting results after Kanetica™ Therapy!

Our oldest patient is dear Iris who is 89 years old! 

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Sporting People

Kanetica™ Therapy is highly recommended for people who exercise, or play recreational or even professional sport

Playing sports can put a lot of pressure on the body. Sports injuries result from accidents, poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning, or insufficient warm-up and stretching. Kanetica™ can help repair a sport injury by replenishing nourishment to joints, tissue and the nervous system. Kanetica™ can also help improve performance e.g. a golfer’s swing or a basketball player’s pitch, by freeing up structural rigidity and increasing range of movement.

Limited Range of Movement

Limited range of movement is one of the most common cases of all our customer contacts. Our lifestyles are so different, and limited movement in the body can occur from injury, lack of exercise, physical inactivity, or just age. 

Kanetica™ is specifically engineered to release and free the structural system. Once there is more freedom and increased joint play, we have more physical workability of the structural system, and can then achieve increased movement and rebalancing of the body, restoring  function in the MS system, allowing a higher level of healing and results.

“Unnatural Curvatures”
(Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis)

The spine’s natural curve, positions the head over the pelvis and works as a shock absorber to distribute mechanical stresses during movement. Unnatural curvatures such as scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis can put pressure on other parts of the body, causing pain, limit movement and function.
Kanetica™ Therapy frees the body's complex structural joint/tissue rigidity increasing joint play, allowing more workability to correct posture and rebalance the body - freeing you from pain and limitations.

Pain in the Workplace

The daily routines of our working life can cause stress on the body, such as corporate professionals who are used to staying too long in front of computers, including office workers, trades professionals, long distance drivers etc. This workplace lifestyle leads to stress on the spinal curvatures, Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), and other more serious conditions. Kanetica™ Therapy reduces or manage pain.

Preventing Pain & Limitations

The Management Program is an effective way to keeping you pain free and moving freely. 
You only have one body for life. Once corrected, we tailor the right management program to suit your lifestyle to stop the pain/problems from coming back and prevent more serious problems and MS disease in the future.