Kanetica™ - Structural Balancing I

This 5 day intensive course is designed to provide you with the basic understanding of the principles that underpin both reparative and preventative manual therapy, utilising the Kanetica™ Method.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion as a Kanetica™ Technician, and you will immediately be able to apply Kanetica™ in your practice to treat the upper, mid and lower back, and hip/pelvis areas and achieve greater results.

Earn Continuous Education points with your respective Association.

In Level I you will learn:

  • How and why Kanetica™ is different, the engineering and science. Why it works and has been nicknamed "the missing link".

  • How structure governs function and how to regain structural balance to the body

  • How to release stiff joints, ligaments and tissue, align posture, restore movement and function, reduce pain and rebalance the body.

  • How to perform a kanetica™ assessment.

  • How to use abt (active breathe technique) which allows safe manual mobilisation and reduces the risk of injury - very powerful!!! 

  • How to understand and distinguish patient/client body types and their flexibility zones.

  • How to use the appropriate pressure when using the formula: pressure vs resistance = momentum - for different body types and their structural resistances and rigidity, resulting in increased range of movement and function. 

  • New innovative ways to best use your hands and other limbs as tools to achieve better, contact, strength and performance with the patient/client, without using elbows and reduce injury to yourself!! 

  • How to position a patient/client, using Kanetica™, to increase access and pathways that were once present before.

  • How to position yourself as the practitioner to maximize your focus and connection with the patient/client.

  • How to work less - sustain your energy, strength and maintain longevity whilst still getting results.

The Kanetica™ Method Is Unique, Simple, And Produces Results!

Kanetica™ - Structural Balancing II

This course complements and incorporates the philosophy and science from the Kanetica™ structural balancing i course. This 5-day intensive course is designed to teach you the advanced Kanetica™ Method and lead you towards mastering your skills.

Upon completion of this course you are required to demonstrate the practical skills taught as well as completing a questionnaire in order to graduate form the kanetica™ practitioner training program.This means that you will immediately be able to apply Kanetica™ to treat the upper, mid and lower back, shoulder, neck and hip areas and achieve profound results.

In Level II you will learn:

  • How to apply advanced structural balancing to the body using Kanetica™
  • How to recognize the three levels of structural springing flexibility zones and then confidently apply Kanetica™ to the area being treated.
  • How use advanced methods treating the neck, back, shoulders and hips
  • What, why and how to use the two powerful techniques - ABT (active breathe technique) and discover how this increases the level of safety and workability when treating a patient/client. Very powerful!!!
  • How to communicate clearly and educate your patient/client.
  • How to gain rapport and trust with your patient/client 

  • More new innovative ways to best use your hands and other limbs as tools to achieve better contact, strength and performance, while maintaining focus and connection with patient/client.
  • More and advanced ways to position a patient/client and further increase the access and pathways that were once present before, using Kanetica™.
  • How to sustain your energy and prevent injury to yourself and your patient/client.

Learn the Kanetica™ System, Method and Philosophy through two amazing courses. 

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The Kanetica™ Method Is Unique, Simple, And Produces Results!