On huge pain killers - I couldn't even do basic housework  

Julie Wilkins

Happy after suffering from chronic back-pain

 I have had a life changing experience - you do not know what you are missing! 

Jeff Orell

Recovery with Kanetica after broken lower back with neck accident with pain

 I never thought that i would get the results that i have - Big improvements -  

Maon Sher

Improved Golf Game After Kanetica Therapy

  It's great to have a solution for Frozen Shoulder 

Andrew Loch

Playing golf again after Kanetica releases his chronic frozen shoulder

 Since coming to see Basil and Kanetica... 

Cameron Delahunty

Back doing ocean swims again

 I was having enormous problems with my neck and my back... 

Cameron Prout

Solved problems of his neck and back after sporting injuries