Some conditions that Kanetica treats successfully

Sports/Work-related Injuries

There are many types of sports/work related injuries. Even with treatment, many injuries do not fully heal and can cause abnormalities on varying scales such as a buildup of connective tissue and joint fixation.

Patient Profile





Mid 40's


Chief Executive Officer

Patient’s view of their situation

Patient suffered from historic sporting injuries is his neck, and mid-back areas and complained of limited movement and pain in his neck.  

Medical Doctor's Diagnosis

None available.

Practitioner Evaluation

Patient had overall good flexibility, good range of motion except for specific localized fixations in his neck and upper back areas which is where his sporting injuries flared up.

Treatment frequency- Initial Stage

Patient received treatments every two weekly for three months.

Treatment frequency- Maintenance

Patient receives treatment on a monthly basis and travels intercity.


Patient initially showed rapid change, reduction of pain and increased flexibility of the local fixed areas where his sporting injuries contributed to. Patient now feels he has full function in playing his sports without the recurring injuries.


Overall % improvement

95% improvement from original condition.



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