Some conditions that Kanetica treats successfully

Neck and Back Pain

It is one of the most claimed issues by our clients.

Patient Profile







Home-business owner

Patient’s view of their situation

Felt extreme pain that limited her from doing various daily tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming and driving. Patient was in despair and stated that she “had no life”.

Medical Doctor's Diagnosis

History of chronic back pain, recurring neck pain, loss of normal curve, spondolysis in the cervical spine of the neck and lower lumbar vertebrae, generalised loss of disc space,  central disc bulge but no definite disc protrusion shown.

Practitioner Evaluation

Patient had extreme rigidity in her upper back, neck rotations and twisting and if areas did move to some degree there was pain related.

Treatment frequency- Chronic Stage

Patient received weekly treatments.

Treatment frequency- Maintenance

The patient has treatments now once a month.


Results – in condition stage

Patient had severe pain in her neck that initially limited results. However, within the first four treatments, the patient showed signs of improvement in the upper and lower back areas and the pain started to reduce dramatically and movement increased.

After six months, the patient was able to perform all her minor daily tasks. The patient is considering taking up horse riding again and stated that she recently jumped out of a plane.

Overall % improvement




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