Some conditions that Kanetica treats successfully

Stiffness and Muscular Spasm

A muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction of the muscle, where the brain sends a mixed signal to the muscle to contract which is not willed by the body. Such a contraction can last seconds, minutes or even hours. There are many types of muscle spasms, some of which can be addressed through medical means, improvement of diet or physical therapy. Other causes are harder to treat. Muscle spasms can be caused by straining of the muscle, dehydration, trauma, damages to spinal chord nerves, or diseases like multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

Patient Profile



Tony. See my Testimonial below.




Financial advisor

Patient’s view of their situation

Patient was unable to work due to pain levels and afraid to travel due to intense musculoskeletal spasming. He was taking large amounts of pain medication and was extremely frustrated and uncertain after other specialist diagnoses such as a recommendation to come off meat.

Medical Doctor's Diagnosis

Diagnosed with chronic back pain and moderate degeneration in the lower lumbar region. No other abnormalities found explaining the cause of debilitating pain.

Practitioner Evaluation

Patient was visually bent over and slanting to the side when standing. There was a unique abnormality in that once the patient was laid down, there were no signs of any slanting. Various structural limitations were found particularly on the right side in the mid to upper thoracic region. We were reluctant to accept this patient due to the uniqueness of the condition, high inflammatory state and dysfunction.

Special Points

The patient was on heavy pain killers to reduce the high level of inflammation whilst having treatment.

Treatment frequency- Chronic Stage

Patient received weekly treatments for 5 months.

Treatment frequency- Maintenance

Monthly treatments were recommended, but the patient choose to continue weekly treatments.

Results – in condition stage

The patient showed remarkable improvement throughout his upper body, had signs of straightening, elongation and correction to his posture, and felt he was able to return to his business.

The patient is now able to go on national and international flights for business without any pain or spasming and is even considering returning to surfing.

Overall % improvement

100% improvement and no recurring chronic or back pain noted.



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