Some conditions that Kanetica treats successfully

Reduced Movement

A joint is a point at which two bones are connected. Many joints provide support, stability and movement. Joints contain a lining called senuvial which provides lubricating fluid. Joint stiffness can occur from muscular stiffness, tightness and lack of movement of the body, lack of flow and fluids passing through joints. This leads to fixations such as osyfixation, where the joint dries out occurring limitations on movement with joint tension.


Patient Profile



Dr James




Medical Doctor and Pathologist

Patient’s view of their situation

Patient spends a lot of time bent over a microscope for his work, and expressed how he could not hold that position for long periods. He was very uncomfortable with his back pain and limited movement as well as pain in his neck. Patient was wanting to continue doing what he enjoys doing in his medical profession and was seeking to resolve these limitations and pain.

Medical Doctor's Diagnosis

Prolapse of disc confirmed by MRI and X-rays, stiffness and slight kyphosis in upper back.

Practitioner Evalutation

The upper thoracic region had defined rigidity, joint tension and limited movement; slight kyphosis of the upper back; neck rotation was limited.

Treatment frequency- Chronic Stage

Patient received treatments once a week.

Treatment frequency- Maintenance

Patient now visits every 4 weeks .

Results – in condition stage

Patient responded relatively quickly, and felt significant joint and back relief after the first few sessions, more flexibility and joint movement overall, as well as reduction in pain. He is now able to be on the microscope for long periods without feeling discomfort. Patient stated that he had the medical knowledge to see Kanetica’s impact and was remarkably impressed with his results.

Overall % improvement

95% improvement from original condition.



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