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A headache is a condition of pain in the head. The brain itself is insensitive to pain but its covering membranes and blood vessels are richly supplied by nerve fibers, capable of transmitting the experience of pain. Headaches are the most common of all local pain complaints and may be frequent for many people although sometimes neck and upper back pain can also be interpreted as a headache.

The most common type of headache is a tension headache. Common causes are tension, eye strain, dehydration and sinusitis.

Patient Profile





Mid 40's



Patient’s view of their situation

Patient suffered severe headaches for eighteen years. This was completely dysfunctional for the patient and he was affected in all areas of his life. Patient was very discouraged and felt he’d tried everything and that there wasn’t much hope for him.

Medical Doctor's Diagnosis

CT scan on the brain was performed to see if his severe headaches were as a result of a brain tumor. No abnormalities were found and no evidence of any lesions or vascular malfunctions.

Practitioner Evaluation

Patient’s upper back(thoracic), towards the neck, extreme rigidity, and limited in range of movement. Patient is restricted around the neck, and in some of areas spine is misaligned and subluxated which may indicate neurological disfunction contributing to the headaches.

Treatment frequency- Initial Stage

Patient was treated once a week for approximately 6 weeks.

Treatment frequency- Maintenance

Patient had Treatments for approximately 3 years every 1-2 months.


Patient progressed really well and had significant reduction of pain and headaches with increased range of movement.

Overall % improvement

100% improvement.



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