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"Kanetica is a cause that aims to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of all those individuals who suffer from limitedness of one kind or another in their bodies. Kanetica belongs to the world, and I wish to help it be known and available to many."

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Mr. Raju Ravitej has been a social entrepreneur since he was 14 years old. His work is rooted in his sacred belief that if people can harness the force of good that lies within and shapes it, then society strengthens at its roots, progresses and becomes a just society, despite all its flaws or maybe even because of them.

Raju’s commitment to the improvement of society through social and business ventures has seen him train/address more than 70,000 people on all levels of society. Having heard about Kanetica’s cause, Raju was stirred by the Kanetica Founder Basil Mousher’s inspiring story and journey for more than 2 decades in fighting physical limitedness. Kanetica’s exciting cause to help those who live in pain worldwide has brought Raju closer to the Kanetica team. Raju is now part of Kanetica’s international team and is offering his extensive knowledge and expertise in launching and developing social causes, to help Kanetica grow strong, expansive and touch people’s lives worldwide.

Raju is the Founder and Managing Director of Eurisko Consulting, which provides a range of services to Diplomatic Organisations, Multinational Corporations, Public Sector Organisations, Political Parties, NGOs, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) doing business with India. His clients span 22 countries across Asia, Europe, UK, Africa, Russia and the Middle East. Clients include the British High Commission, the British Government Department for International Development, Noble Energy Solar Technologies (NEST), Elsevier Publishing, KPMG London, Nokia, Telugu Desam Political Party, HOPE Home India, as well as over 60 universities and educational institutions such as Hamburg and Nuremberg Universities.
Raju is also the Founder and Managing Trustee of Inspire India Trust – a social organisation dedicated to improving the lives of India’s youth. With more than 23,000 members, Inspire India is the largest collective group of youth aged 15-20 in India. He is also a writer who works on Indian films and film making.
As an author, Raju has written 11 books on life and living which are taught in over 300 Indian schools, including a 12th book on social philosophy.
Raju is also a keynote speaker, having spoken at various international conferences on Social Consciousness, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, India Development, Cross-cultural conflict resolution, and Cross-cultural leadership.