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"Today we continue to make a difference to others, as I have done by freeing myself from Pain and Limitations, living a more quailty of life, despite having trouble with my feet and surgery. To see more and more people after our treatment being freed from pain, limitations and moving freely, having more quality of life, makes my heart smile and Kanetica a worthy cause.

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As an Australian born young boy I had feet trouble at the age of 13. My feet started hurting and doctors did not know why this was happening. By the age of 16, l had tried every therapy, special shoe, orthotics and several specialists, and nothing helped. So at the age of 16, I had surgery where both my ankles were permanently fused, and I was in a wheelchair for many months post surgery. As difficult as it was, I began my own quest towards rehabilitation; I felt I had to regain some normality to my life. I graduated as a Holistic Health Practitioner from a private college in America. For me it was not just an education - I was on a quest to know more about the physical body. I was determined to find other effective ways to treat problematic areas. I furthered my education doing courses and seminars in psychology, philosophy of the human body, physiology and self-development, specialising in joints, biomechanics, structural integration, and postural realignment/balancing.

After some years had passed, I saw an opportunity to work for a major airline as flight crew, because I could travel all over the world and visit many people and wellness/health establishments, to further my research and experience, helping me to fast track and broaden my knowledge combining eastern and western philosophies.

Over the years, listening to what people suffer from, I observed that the 3 most common complaints were: 1) Limited range of movement and pain, 2) How much it affects day-to-day living and quality of life, 3) The need for more effective results from therapy and therapists. With each story I heard, I was reminded about my own journey and how difficult it was to find a solution. As my treatment methods refined and improved, patients began achieving more profound results in less time and with longer lasting results. Finally, after many years of research, over 25 years of treatment experience in my specialty, having had many great teachers/mentors, I now understand how physical limitations and pain really affect people's day-to-day life and the quality of life, and I can help to free people from pain and limitation. Today, I am still amazed and excited by the results we achieve with patients.

It is my commitment to teach practitioners the Kanetica™ Method and to further educate the people, what doctors are not telling you and to raise awareness on how you can the best from your body to enrich your life and be truly free from Pain and Limitations, having more quality of life. After all it is our vessel to do life, the more we know how to use it, the more it serves us, making us richer, as it has done for me.