Dr. Jaques van Heerden - MBChB (Pret), Dip Obstr (SA), FCPaeds (SA), MMed Paeds (Pret), CMO Paeds (SA)


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"In order to function optimally as an integrated productive person, whether on an academic, interpersonal or active level, we must have a functional body to support a positive and enquiring mind."

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“My journey has taught me important lessons in striving to be a holistically healthy person whether it is on a physical, psychological or emotional level. Similarly, Kanetica™ aims to positively contribute to patients and communities. It is important for me that a valuable manual therapy such as Kanetica embark on research in order to scientifically support what patients experience emotively and psychologically. Not only does this emphasize the holistic health approach Kanetica™ advocates, but it lays the foundation for academics and patients alike to discuss the positive contributions of a low velocity active manual mobilisation technique in improving quality of life.”

With a medical degree, and specialisations in Paediatrics and Paediatric Medical Oncology (cancer), Dr. Jaques has worked in many rural and academic hospitals in South Africa, England, Ireland, and Belgium, including the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital (Cape Town) and St Mary’s Hospital (London). He has held positions in Community Health, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Acute Emergency Care, Geriatrics and Surgery. However, it is children, especially those with cancer, that occupy the greatest part of his heart. As a result, he is the Paediatric Oncology Consultant and a founding member of the Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Service, at Grey’s Hospital in South Africa, providing scarce yet vital services to sick children in a province with the highest number of children in the country.
Dr. Jaques is also an active participant in research, with numerous academic publications and having delivered presentations at international congresses in the field of paediatrics and social sciences. He is a poet, writer, a painter and has also represented South Africa in various countries in swimming.