The Kanetica Cause book – a rare gift


Raju Ravitej, an Indian dignitary and social entrepreneur, who is in Australia, has generously gifted Kanetica with fifteen collector’s copies of the Kanetica Cause book that he wrote earlier this year.

Kanetica Cause Book

Raju wrote the book to educate and inspire others about what is a cause, for people to understand Kanetica as a cause, to associate with Kanetica and what it’s doing, and for Kanetica to connect with the community it serves.

“We will print standard copies for distribution into Kanetica’s communities, but each of these fifteen collector’s copies is handmade,” says Raju.

Everything about these few books is of the highest quality. The watermarked, textured paper comes from India. The plain black, title-less leather cover comes from Sweden. It has been hand stitched by someone from a family of traditional Indian book-makers – a dying profession. Even the size of the book is unique. And the book publisher is also a company with a social mission support free distribution of literature.


“The book in itself is such a great gift from Raju,” say Basil and Agata, Founders of Kanetica, “but these beautiful hand-made copies are exquisite and we are so very grateful.”

Raju, a philosopher, speaker and writer, is also an author of twelve other books. The Kanetica Cause book is beautifully written with Raju’s effortless ability of telling a story.

“When you read this book you will never forget Kanetica,” says Raju.

Standard printed copies of this book are available from the Kanetica offices in Australia and Inspire India offices in India.

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