Kanetica seeks fundraising advice from experienced Gold Coast fundraiser

The Kanetica Team today met with Karen Kolenko, a dedicated public servant, experienced fundraiser, and also a long standing patient of Kanetica, to seek advice on how to raise funds to fulfil Kanetica’s vision to eradicate pain and physical limitations.


      L-R: Basil Mouasher, Agata Mouasher, Karen Kolenko, Raju Ravitej

Karen, who is currently the services manager for the Gold Coast branch of Alzheimer’s Australia, is one of those rare angels that is rarely in the public limelight, but is the backbone of many causes, with years of experience in raising funds. She is also the patron of Gold Coast Benji, the mascot who travels the world doing charity work and fundraising.

“I believe in the work Kanetica is doing,” says Karen, “I want to see how Benji can help raise funds and awareness for the Kanetica cause.”

The team brainstormed a number of ideas on how to raise funds for Kanetica, and also how Inspire India, the Indian social organisation supporting and mentoring the Kanetica cause, can align with Karen’s work.

BasilRajuBenji1 in 5 Australians currently suffers from a musculoskeletal condition (MSD), and back pain is the most common work-related condition today. More and more people are now having to work past their 65 years when they would normally retire.

Karen is also a big believer of Kanetica and its mission, as she herself was a victim of pain and physical limitation years ago which limited her ability to do her work well.  Kanetica helped so much, that in her sixties she was able to hike the gruelling Kokoda track (which retraces the gruelling steps of Australians who fought against the Japanese during the Battle of Kokoda in 1942). Now, years on, Karen is a powerhouse of energy, working tirelessly for the communities she serves.

“It is becoming vital to ensure the wellbeing of people, of any age, can continue to move freely, maximise quality of life, and delay the onset of pain, limitation and musculoskeletal disease, reducing the associated costs of medical care.” says Basil, Founder of Kanetica. “This is our cause, but we need help to get Kanetica to the people.”

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