Kanetica plans to bring relief to Australians suffering pain and limitation

The Kanetica team drove up to Noosa to meet with health business coach, Anthony Cappiaghi from Ideal Practice, to discuss ways to bring its unique treatment to more Australians suffering from pain and limitations.

HealthBizCoach“1 in 5 Australians currently suffers from a musculoskeletal condition (MSD), and back pain is the most common work-related condition today”, says Agata, co-founder of Kanetica. “More and more people are now having to work past their 65 years when they would normally retire.”

It is therefore becoming vital to ensure the wellbeing of people, of any age, can continue to move freely, maximise quality of life, and delay the onset of pain, limitation and musculoskeletal disease.”

“We designed a faster and safer way to manipulate/mobilise the body at any age, which is producing profound results sooner and cost-effectively,” says Basil, Founder of Kanetica, “and the only way we can get it to more people, is to train more practitioners.”

Kanetica is seeking the best model to offer training and treatments across Australia. It also needs to connect with its communities to raise people’s awareness around physical joint structures, the importance of aligning the body and its benefits, how to maintain it, and how to do life better.

The meeting identified a number of avenues, with more discussions needed.

“We are self-funded,” says Agata, “so every dollar needs to be well spent to find the best way to get Kanetica to more people, without us getting buried under bureaucracy and red tape.”

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