Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre opens on the Gold Coast

09 September, 2013

Flexi Centre Photo

With its unique engineering and high success rates, Kanetica™, The Structural Balancing Method, is in high demand, and is now offered at the newly opened Gold Coast Flexibility & Pain Relief Centre, located at 134 Ashmore Rd. Benowa. 


The Centre offers treatments in Kanetica™, Specialised Massage and Spinal Decompression. Operating 6 days a week (Mon-Sat), Kanetica™ can help with back and neck pain, shoulder and hip trouble, headaches, joint stiffness and tension, limited movement, sports and work injuries, curvatures (poor posture) and musculoskeletal problems. Patients have seen a minimum 60% - 70% improvement within 6-10 treatments.

Kanetica™ is a unique system of manual therapy (hands on) designed to help the body’s structures of joints, ligaments and tissue to achieve the 4R Effect:

RELEASE - Stiff joints and tissue
RESTORE - Movement and function
REDUCE - Pain and manage it
REBALANCE - Your body

The Gold Coast Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre is run by Founder and Master Practitioner Basil Mouasher, specialising in treating advanced issues using Kanetica™ and spinal decompression, and John Rooney, one of Kanetica's senior graduate's, focusing on specialised massage incorporating Kanetica™.

“Our vision is to restore the hope and quality of peoples’ lives - Doing Life Better - by moving freely naturally, We are sharing this vision with other health practitioners and teaching them the Kanetica™ Method,” says Basil Mouasher.

In the near future, the Centre will also open its doors to community educational events in order to raise awareness and offer education around musculoskeletal (bone and joint) health. 

For more information on Kanetica™ or the Flexibility & Pain Relief Centre, please visit www.kanetica.com or call 07 5594 9095.

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