Kanetica Joins Stand Against Bullying with Proposed Indo-Australian Expedition

Kanetica has teamed up with non-profit organization Inspire India in Hyderabad,and Trinity Lutheran College here on the Gold Coast, to organize a cross-cultural and educative expedition for youth of India and Australia. The expedition will be conducted in the spirit of cooperation between two nations - India and Australia. 

This expedition has come about as a result of a number of passionate individuals collaborating over many months about their individual causes:

-         -    Raju Ravitej, Founder of Inspire India, which boasts over 33,000 youth members, is passionate about developing in young people a strong character and overall wellbeing. Raju, also a well-known Intercultural consultant, has led many cross-cultural exchanges between India and various countries in Europe.

-          -    Agata Mouasher, a long-term friend of Raju, lecturer of Inter-cultural Management at Griffith University, and co-Founder of Kanetica, is passionate about cross-cultural learning and wellbeing.

   “This expedition is a significant and positive step in strengthening cross-cultural relations between our countries.” Agata Mouasher

-          -   Janette Salmi, Dean of Students of Trinity Lutheran College is passionate about taking a stand against bullying, particularly through a process called Restorative Practice, which she has implemented at Trinity. Janette, who has also been a long time patient of Kanetica, and Basil, Founder of Kanetica, have had many conversations about the impact of bullying on a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

-          -   Basil Mouasher, Founder of Kanetica, was severely bullied as a child, and went on to transform his own life and the lives of thousands of others constrained by pain and limitation, and feels passionately for such a great cause.

Bullying affects all aspects of one’s wellbeing – physical, emotional and mental,” says Basil.


Inspire India has chosen the renowned Johnson Grammar IB School to chose a delegation of students and teachers to come to Australian for about 11 days. The expedition will be jam-packed with educative and fun activities, as the students learn about each other’s countries, and discuss and solve issues such as bullying, wellbeing and leadership.


Ultimately, this expedition is about the power and possibility of the human spirit. Everyone involved in this expedition shares the belief that if we as a society stand united in the face of common challenges, and take the best of what we learn from each other’s unique cultures, we will be stronger together in dealing with those challenges.

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