Kanetica Film seeks student scriptwriters for lifetime opportunity

The Kanetica team today met with the Pro Vice Chancellor of Bond University, as well as the Directors of Bond’s Film School and International Department, to discuss the Kanetica movie and opportunities for students to write the script and be involved in educational exchanges with Inspire India.


L-R: Peter Watkins, Raju Ravitej, Sue Lipp, Catherine O’Sullivan, Basil Mouasher, Agata Mouasher

We received a private tour by Catherine herself of Bond’s beautiful campus and impressive collection of Aboriginal artworks.

BondUniCampus1BondUniCampus2We discussed the opportunity for home stays and documentaries for Australian film students, where Australian students will visit India and film documentaries or docu-dramas in collaboration with Inspire India, which has already done many of these exchanges with students in Europe.

This aligns with the federal government’s New Colombo Plan, aimed at strengthening people-to-people and institutional relationships through study, internships and transformational experiences.

Inspire India, of which Raju is Founder and Chairman, is a social organisation dedicated to the improvement of lives of the youth of India, with more than 23,000 members (the largest collective group of youth aged 15-20 in India).

Any involvement with Kanetica and Inspire India will expose any participating educational institution to many Indian communities, and also to Inspire India’s impressive patronage of entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities. Also, the credibility students will gain will be a huge entry point with various promotion agencies worldwide. Not to mention that the involvement of students in India will encourage Indian students to come and study in Australia.

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