Kanetica Film gets Gold Coast City backing

Today, the Gold Coast City Mayor’s Advocacy Officer and members of the Economic Development branch, backed Kanetica’s idea of making a film on the Gold Coast.

Raju has come to know about Kanetica’s story of overcoming adversity, with a vision and cause to help people do life better. He believes this is an inspiring story that should be made into a film.


"It will do a lot for people everywhere looking for hope and dealing with adversity", he says.


Raju believes an Australian-Indian joint movie would be an ideal way to launch the Kanetica cause, and encourage closer business and social ties between the two countries. 


Craig Rowsell, who is responsible for attracting more business to the Gold Coast, said that India is a priority market for the Gold Coast for holiday and study, and making a film here is a great idea.

“We will do anything to help support Kanetica and what this will bring to the Gold Coast,” says Craig.


Raju’s close involvement with Indian Bollywood film directors, producers and famous actors of Bollywood opens up a large network of high-profile people to Australia.


A film like this would bring a welcome spotlight onto the Gold Coast, for tourists, students and businesses. It would also create jobs for our city and for Queensland.

The Kanetica story really started on the Gold Coast, so we would like to keep the film proudly Australian, and proudly Gold Coast,” says Basil.

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