Kanetica Centre showcases international award-winning photographer

Kanetica has teamed up with international award-winning photographer David Pagey, to showcase his talent by decorating the reception of their Gold Coast Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre, with a selection of David’s award winning photographs.


“Our journeys are similar”, says Agata, Co-Founder of Kanetica, “we are passionate about our work, we strive for excellence, we want the world to know about us, benefit from our work, and do life better. It’s a great synergy.”

David, a self-taught panorama photographer, is the only known photographer to have six photographs win an award in the same category at the Epson International Pano Awards.

Kanetica’s reception has been indefinitely transformed into a mini-gallery. People can experience the photographs while they wait for a treatment, and then contact David if they would like to purchase any for their home or workplace.

“I take photos that I love myself, and what gives me the passion to share this great planet of ours is to have my photos enjoyed by others too.” says David.


David’s ‘Storm Over Byron Bay Lighthouse’ is the main feature, hanging over 2m wide. “There is a special parallel between this photo and Kanetica, says Agata. “Musculoskeletal disease is like an impending storm, affecting 1 in 5 Australians. Kanetica in a sense, is like a lighthouse to those seeking hope and a solution from pain and physical limitations.

For more information about David, his work, or to place an order, his beautiful photographs can be seen at www.davidpageyphotography.com.au, or email info@davidpageyphoography.com.au .  Tell him Kanetica sent you!

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