Kanetica Cause Team meets for the first time

Today, over breakfast, the founding Kanetica Cause Team members, all met in person for the first time. Now this may not seem significant, until one looks at what amazing things have transpired between a group of people who have never met their Indian friend.


In the last few months, over 12 weekly Skype calls, we have launched Kanetica as a cause, written a book, dreamed up a movie, proposed cross-cultural educational exchanges between India and Australia, planned a two-week program of meetings with everyone from members of Parliament to universities and charities, and have become friends. 

Usually such things are created between people who have spent years building strong relationships and trust, but other than myself (Agata), Raju and the others have never met in person.

It is even more amazing when one considers the circumstances within which all that we’ve created has transpired. We are all from different cultures, so communicating effectively across cultures requires extra effort. Then there was the issue of talking over the internet, with different time zones, delays in the conversation, drop outs, and not being able to see each other. Raju also had to endure up to six-hour power cuts as his state battled a political situation in India.

There is an element that has been present from the start to make this all possible: selflessness, and the fact that we are all a cause within ourselves. The Kanetica Cause book that Raju wrote for us explains all this in beautiful detail.


We spent the rest of the day and well into the night, weaving conversations about Kanetica, causes, life, and friendship.  And where for the last 12 weeks we all stared at a photo of Raju on a computer screen, here he was finally sitting in his allocated seat, in the flesh.

So today was a special day indeed.  

“When you are touched by a cause, your life will change forever.” Raju.

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