Kanetica, Australia, India, and the Centre for Social Change

SustainabilityCentreDuring a tour of the Australian Centre for Sustainability today, the Kanetica team was fortunate to meet with the Director of the Centre for Social Change.

Raju, a social entrepreneur who is in Australia to help launch the Kanetica Cause, is the Founder and Chairman of Inspire India, a 23,000 strong Indian youth organisation which is dedicated to shaping social will in India towards true change.

The Centre for Social Change provides access to the knowledge, skills and resources people need to work with communities to create positive change in society.

Kanetica a social enterprise and cause dedicated eradicating pain and limitations because, as Basil says, Founder of Kanetica, “when we are free from pain and physical limitations, we can do life better; we can contribute more to society in many ways.”

The three organisations are likely to work together in the future as this will create a stronger alliance for the benefit of society.

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