Indo-Australian Expedition kicks off with week-long Launch in Hyderabad

Indo-Australian Expedition kicks off with week-long Launch in Hyderabad

Excitement is mounting for the upcoming Indo-Australian expedition, after a week of activity in India with Sue and Doug Lipp representing Australia, Trinity Lutheran College as the Australian host school, and Kanetica as the major collaborating partner bringing this expedition to fruition.

The meetings with the partnering IB school, Johnson Grammar School, have been most inspiring with the entire school gearing up to receive Sue and Doug as representatives of the Expedition to Australia and also as the representatives of the spirit of Australia which Indian people love so much.

 “The education from this cross-cultural experience will last a lifetime,” says Raju Ravitej.

The leadership team of Johnson Grammar, teachers, students and parents have all been inspired by the speeches, discussions and the entire visit. Sue explained the heroic journey of Basil, Founder of Kanetica, after presenting Agata and Basil’s gifts to Johnson Grammar, and the letter that Agata and Basil from Kanetica sent to Johnson Grammar was read out aloud by the Principal of Johnson IB World School.  Sue’s speeches helped in building up confidence on the Indian side towards the expedition and instilled a sense of security for the parents of the 15 Indian students chosen for this expedition. The teachers were in awe of Sue for her demeanour and disposition; not to mention her English proficiency.


Watch select videos from Sue and Doug's India trip on Kanetica's Youtube Channel:

The gifts sent by Trinity Lutheran College made a great impression and the presenting of the Australian Flag to Dr. Chandra Sekhar, the school’s Administrator, raised the perception about the entire expedition to a great new high, which it deserves so much.


The two visits to Johnson Grammar included a detailed guided tour of three campuses and interactions with teachers, as well as a singing and dance performance by students.

Other activities

Sue and Doug also visited HOPE Home, a home for boys from orphaned or oppressed backgrounds, where they brought them some practical gifts. The children rewarded them by singing a Christian song in three languages. (Click here to watch the video of Hope Home children sing "This is the Day" in three languages for Sue and Doug)

There were also two Inspire India meetings which Sue and Doug attended at two separate institutions - St. Ann’s College for Women and St. Francis College for Women. The first meeting was attended by about 520 young girls while the second meeting was attended by nearly 700 young girls. In both the meetings the girls were greatly inspired to listen to and meet with Sue and Doug. The St. Francis meeting saw Sue and Doug donating a wheel chair on behalf of Rotary to the Sister Principal.

Two prominent newspapers, including Times of India, carried a picture of Sue and a news item highlighting the coming together of Australia and India through Trinity and Johnson to promote cross-cultural understanding and education.

There have been significant challenges and delays with the visa process, and Raju Ravitej, Founder of Inspire India, expressed thanks to the leadership and collaborative efforts of Janette Salmi, who is spearheading the expedition on behalf of Trinity Lutheran College, and Agata Mouasher, Co-Founder of Kanetica.

Everyone in India expressed gratitude to Sue and Doug for the way in which they participated in all the events and won over the hearts and minds of the people there.

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