Indian dignitary arrives in Australia to launch the Kanetica Cause

He’s here! After months of planning, the Indian dignitary, social entrepreneur, film writer and speaker from India, Raju Ravitej, has finally arrived in Australia.

Raju Ravitej

He is here to help launch the Kanetica cause of keeping people moving freely, and to explore avenues of making a film about the Kanetica story.

Raju and the Kanetica team will attend a series of meetings and events over the next two weeks, with the city’s council, members of parliament, universities and funding bodies to discuss various opportunities and ideas for making the film and also educational exchanges between India and Australia.

“Basil’s story is one of overcoming adversity and hope and inspired me,” says Raju, “It needs to be told all around the world – it will uplift a lot of people.”

The aim of the events over the next two weeks is to generate momentum for the Kanetica cause and the film, and gain support for the ideas proposed, before Raju returns in 2014 to progress the film production.

Earlier this year, Raju was so inspired by Basil’s story of overcoming adversity to develop the Kanetica Method, that he decided to contribute his knowledge and expertise by writing The Kanetica Cause book, and spearheading future plans to take Kanetica to India. 

According to Raju’s book, a cause is a purpose that brings meaning to one’s life and effects social change. Kanetica is a cause that aims to bring about meaningful change in the lives of people who suffer from limitedness in their bodies and pain.

“Changing people’s lives by keeping them moving freely and doing life better is what makes our lives meaningful,” says Agata, Co-Founder of Kanetica and Basil’s wife and partner, “but it hasn’t been easy, finding the right people with the right expertise, who see the vision like we do, and who share the same values.”

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