How a Cause can Change our World – An Evening with Raju Ravitej

RajuRavitejInviteKanetica hosted a special evening for the Gold Coast community with Raju Ravitej, the social entrepreneur who is in Australia to help launch the Kanetica cause.

The evening was dedicated to learning about what causes are and how they can change the world, and also to raise awareness with the community about Kanetica as a cause and the work it is doing.

Raju has launched a number of causes in his life. One of his biggest and most successful is Inspire India, a 23,000 strong Indian youth organisation dedicated to shaping social will in India towards true change.


Raju inspired the audience with teachings from Indian philosophy, including wisdoms such as ‘samvedna’ which is when others’ suffering becomes ours. As Raju explained, “to suffer you must know, but to know you must experience. And to experience you must suffer.”

Kanetica is a social enterprise and cause dedicated to helping people of all ages who are suffering from physical limitations and pain, to move freely and doing life better.

“We must protect and support people who are working for a cause,” says Raju.


It was a powerful evening. Catching up with the audience over nibbles after the event revealed that each person was left inspired, with a deeper understanding that we are all closer to being a cause than we may think. Many people expressed their wish to support the Kanetica cause.

Gold Coast Benji was also there to learn more about how he can support the Kanetica cause, and requested a signed copy of the Kanetica Cause book from Raju who wrote it.

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