Community Event: What do Transcendental Meditation and Structural (Re)Balancing have in common?

CommuityEventInviteToday Kanetica hosted their first community event at the Gold Coast Flexibility and Pain Relief Centre, where Kanetica treatments are offered, as part of the launch of the Kanetica cause.

With the tagline of “Free your Mind. Free your Body”, the informative evening included a talk by Basil on the Kanetica Method, and another on Transcendental Meditation (TM) by teacher Wendy Rosenfeldt, followed by a panel discussion where the community could ask any questions.

Raju, who is in Australia for two weeks to help launch the Kanetica Cause, also contributed to the evening. He has been a TM meditator for many years, and having experienced his first Kanetica treatment recently, provided some great insights into how Kanetica and TM can work together, to help improve quality of life.


The event was nearly fully attended.

Many stayed back after the evening ended to watch and learn as Basil did a Kanetica demonstration.

The success of the evening was evident, which was a sign that it should be repeated in future. No doubt the food that generous volunteers brought along contributed to the enjoyment of the evening!

If you are interested in this event, please contact Kanetica and we can arrange to repeat it if location and resources permit.


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