Australian farewell to an Indian legend

After a jam-packed two weeks, Raju Ravitej, the social entrepreneur, cause angel, and now dear friend of the Kanetica team, is leaving back to his home shores of India.


It has been two weeks of meetings, events and phone calls, and many, many hours of discussing Kanetica, social change, philosophy and life.

Raju Ravitej, with his unwavering belief in Kanetica and the cause, came here to help in any way he could.

“Raju is an extraordinary human being”, says Agata. “He never strays from being true to himself and his path in life to be a cause for causes.”

In true cross-cultural style, the Kanetica team, wearing the Indian kurtas (shirts) that Raju gifted, put on a Chinese dinner with a few new Australian friends as a small farewell party.

Raju has deeply touched everyone he has met, leaving a piece of his gentle spirit and infinite wisdom with each person, as well as a deep appreciation for India, its rich history, its people, and its struggles.

His visit has generated much energy, momentum and inspiration around the Kanetica cause, the Kanetica film and the possibility of educational exchanges between the two countries.

“Raju is a true example of social change,” adds Basil, “His dedication and commitment to supporting causes is inspiring and has given everyone much hope for their journeys ahead.”

Raju plans to return in 2014 to progress the Kanetica film and the Kanetica cause.

Until then, Kanetica will be holding more events like the ones we have in these last two weeks, to continue to inspire people. Contact us for details.

Namaste Raju-ji. Thank you for everything. Return soon.

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