Australian delegation sent to India before Indo-Australian Expedition

Mrs. Suzanne Lipp and Mr. Doug Lipp have left Australia for Indian shores in preparation for the upcoming Indo-Australian Expedition being planned on the Gold Coast and Brisbane for August 17-28.

This expedition itself is a cross-cultural and educative experience for youth of India and Australia – aged 13-17 - and is conducted in the spirit of cooperation between two nations -India and Australia. 

Bearing Australian flags and other gifts, as well as a wheelchair from Surfers Sunrise Rotary, Sue and Doug will be meeting with the partnering school, Johnson Grammar School, as well as other schools, teachers, executives of Inspire India and other prominent Indian delegates.

There are a number of aims behind this expedition, the primary one being a united stand against all forms of bullying, which is rife in Australian and in India, as well as other key themes such as wellbeing and service leadership. The upcoming expedition will be a life-changing exchange of ideas, experiences and friendships. The significance of this expedition is far-reaching on numerous fronts, ultimately strengthening cross-cultural relations between Australia and India.


Putting aside all the planning and details, this expedition is about the power and possibility of the human spirit. Everyone involved in this expedition shares the belief that if we as a society stand united in the face of common challenges, and take the best of what we learn from each other’s unique cultures, we will be stronger together in dealing with those challenges.

The key collaborating institutions are:

  • Inspire India – a social organisation with one of the largest number of youth-only members in India (33,000+), who have done many such expeditions into Europe, and are excited about this first expedition to Australian shores. The Founder and Chairman, Raju Ravitej, is a highly-regarded social entrepreneur (see his bio attached) and is part of the delegation, as is Inspire India's National Program Co-ordinator.
  • Johnson Grammar School – is both the largest school in the state of Andra Pradesh (7000+ students) and also ranked 2nd in the state, and who are sending 15 of their top students on this expedition. The School Principal, COO and two teachers will be part of the delegation. 
  • Trinity Lutheran College – one of the Gold Coast’s well respected schools will be hosting the Indian students. The Dean of Students is part of the organising committee as are a number of teachers. 
  • Kanetica Cause – an Australian social enterprise dedicated to the wellbeing of people, who have had a long-term relationship with Inspire India in the promotion of good causes, and whose founder has an inspiring story about turning adversity and bullying into a vision and cause helping people do life better.

The expedition will generate significant media attention and exposure in both countries, in itself but also because of the public profiles of some key supporters behind the scenes of the above organisations.

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