A Powerful New Movement Brewing in Gold Coast City

Last night, fifteen powerful people with big hearts for social change, came together to discuss a powerful new movement brewing on the Gold Coast.

Attendees included leaders in education, health, politics, non-profit organisations, business owners, social entrepreneurs and youth leaders. Each one represents a cause, something they are passionate about – children, mental health, physical health, education, inspiring others etc.

“We are uniting causes, because together we are stronger,” says Basil, who chaired the evening.

“A cause is a strong reason of purpose (for a person or social enterprise that brings meaning to one’s life and effects social change. The mission is not only for the ones who start and lead it, but for all those who come in contact with it.”

Raju Skyped in to share some of the inspiring momentum he is building back in India with all the causes represented in the room yesterday evening. Raju is a social entrepreneur who supports the growth of causes and who recently visited Australia to help launch the Kanetica Cause, is Founder of Inspire India – a social organisation with 23,000 members focused on shaping social will. 

Raju said, “Together we are stronger, and as a way to express solidarity, we at Inspire India will synchronise our media exposure whenever the causes in Australia hold any events.” 

Some of the comments from attendees were “I’ve been involved in many non-profits. I think this is excellent..”; “I'm honoured to be here..” ; “I wish that even more people can connect to a group like this..”

Details of the movement will be revealed as discussions progress in the New Year. 

There are five ways to identify a Cause:

1. Embodies a Vision

2. Impacts People’s Lives in a Meaningful Way

3. Makes Lives Better

4. Catalyses Selfless Action

5. Creates Meaning by Filling a Need

The Kanetica Cause birthed this movement, and as more causes join, the power to influence change will bring many benefits to our communities, not only in Australia, but in other countries like India.

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