A plan against bullying hatches at Paradise Kids

The Kanetica team today met with Rev. Dr. Ian Maver, the founder of Paradise Kids, to discuss how the Kanetica cause can support the work of Paradise Kids.


     L-R: Basil Mouasher, Pater Watkins, Raju Ravitej, Rev. Dr. Ian Maver

Paradise Kids is a charity that provides programs to ‘help heal the heartache’ of children dealing with grief through death, loss or illness.

Peter Watkins, a founding member of Paradise Kids, has a big heart for social change, and is also part of the Kanetica team. Peter and Ian feel that more needs to be done against the growing epidemic of bullying, and believe Kanetica can contribute because of Basil’s own experience of bullying.

Basil, Founder of Kanetica, was severely bullied in his teenage years because of his disability with his feet. Not only did he fight through his pain, learn how to walk again, he also overcame bullying to invent a new method of overcoming physical limitation.

“Basil is an ideal person to speak out against bullying and inspire young people to believe in their dreams,” says Agata, Basils’ wife and co-founder of Kanetica.

The meeting hatched a bold plan to eradicate bullying, and will be championed by the Dean of Students at Trinity College, a local private school.

Making the world a better place requires a belief in oneself and one’s dreams. Bullying is a growing epidemic that seriously damages physical, social and emotional health, resulting in performance and learning difficulties, social exclusion, depression, and negative self-perceptions. Bullying creates an environment of distrust, fear, stress, and ill-health for all involved.

Statistics estimate that 1 in 7 school students is a victim of bullying, with cyberbullying recently claiming two teen suicides in Australia. 

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