A Safe and Gentle Way to Free Your Body From PAIN & Limitation - Enhancing Performance. 

 A proven hands-on therapy that Balances Your Body. We use what we call: 
(combined principles from eastern & western philosophies) 


  Stiff Joints & Tissue   

   2. RESTORE -
Movement & Function

        Pain & Manage it 

         4. REBALANCE  -
   Posture & Fluid In Your Body


How Does It Work?

Kanetica™ Therapy combines various non-forced compress-and-release like techniques that carefully mobilises and frees rigid joints, stiff muscles and other tissues - just like freeing up a rigid, dried-out, squeaky hinge. This realigns and rebalances your body, achieving:

 Freedom from PAIN 
 Recurring pain/problems from coming back 
• Safer and faster way to enhance your posture
• Better range of movement and energy
• Increased flow of vital fluids to nerves, joints, muscle, ligaments bones, discs.

Why Does It Work So Effectively?(The Science)


Kanetica™ has proven mobilisation and positioning techniques that are specifically designed to first release mechanically; then frees and move joints,  awakening lazy muscle tissue,  regaining access and vitality to your body that were once present before, at the root cause of the issue where it may originate; then helps your body to restore more movement and function, increase the flow of vital fluids and blood supply to bones, muscles, nerves and connective tissue such as, ligaments, tendons and fascia; hydrating the body.  

At this point your body becomes more receptive and responsive making it safe and easier for realignment and the eventual outcome is your body is aligned back to the way it should be in its original form, replenished with nourishment. Now your body naturally hydrates and repairs itself, the rebalancing process to take place. Your Body is once again physiologically healthy - enriching your wellbeing.

Patients and experts refer to Kanetica™ as "The Missing Link" - It Makes Perfect Sense!
Kanetica™Therapy - Proven Lasting Results!

Over 90% of patient case studies show Kanetica™ Therapy produce faster and lasting results in only 6 sessions than other therapies.