Founders' Inspiring Story and Life's Work  

After the unfortunate problems he had with his feet at the age of 13, he started his quest to better understand how the body works and became very successful in helping himself, which in turn is helping hundreds of people. Most of all Basil loves to enrich others as he himself has seen the benefits - enriching his life.  

For over 20 years,
Basil Mouasher  has treated, trained, coached, mentored and advised people with pain and limitations. He shows people how to advance themselves and their abilities to achieve the best in what they seek and continue doing or start doing again what they love.

Having been taught by some of the world's best coaches, mentors and his current Grandmaster, his methods of treating Chronic Pain Issues, Peaking Sports Performance and dealing with the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body is extraordinary. His astounding results have earned him national and international recognition. 



In the Founder's own words, his inspiring story....

Basil in the wheelchair.

At the age of 13, my feet started hurting. Over the next three years, more than 50 specialists were consulted who diagnosed me with "excessive pronation", " or "he simply grew too fast too soon", and a few other things.
By the age of 16, I had tried almost every therapy/specialist one can imagine and eventually was told I had to have a surgery called a triple arthrodesis (where the ankle is fused in three places) on both my feet, which left me with a disability, and then post-surgery in a wheelchair and crutches  for approximately fourteen months, while regaining control over my life. 

Throughout my early teens, I struggled to do many things that we take for granted such as play sports and day-to-day activities, leaving me with many challenges. I felt compelled at the time to go on a quest  to know more about the body and how it works to regain my physical body first, in order to have a 'normal' life. I also needed to strengthen my mind and deal with my emotions such as anger, deceit, fear, uncertainty etc. 

After many years of gym and physical strength training, with good results, I felt something was still missing. So I furthered my studies, combining Eastern and Western Methods and Philosophies of The Human Body/Mind/Spirit, during which I discovered that the surgery decided by medical specialists, was not necessary and should never have been performed.  

Throughout my career, I repeatedly listened to people and my new patients, the frustrations about how their quality of life was affected by various ailments, pain, limitations, and that they were not satisfied with practitioners/therapists they were seeing or had seen. I really related to this. So I combined everything I had learned, experienced and discovered, and found more effective methods of treating the Physical, Mental and Emotional body. The results with patients were profound, increasing health and wellbeing, in less time, with longer lasting results.

Today, I have overcome many challenges, am happily married and continue to treat people with Chronic Pain Issues, Peak Sports Performance and deal with issues of the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body at our Centre on the Gold Coast.

It is my wish to see
 more people free from pain and limitations - doing what they love.