Jan 17

Why Kanetica?

Posted By Agata Mouasher

The Big WHY

Every so often Basil and I get asked the "WHY" question, "Why do you do what you do?" Every so often, we ask ourselves the same question, “Why are we doing this [Kanetica]?

I like WHY questions.  Understanding a person's WHY gives great insight into underlying reasons and motives. Even deeper than that, a WHY question can reveal beliefs, values, and how true we are to ourselves.

Ever since my very first graduate job, I have never stopped asking WHY. "Why am I here, in this company?” “Why am I doing this project?” “Why did I get married?”

So here is my WHY for why I choose to work with Kanetica.

Our work with Kanetica is founded on the belief that we are an expression of God, and we have this one life, one mind and one body, to be a contribution, to make a difference.

Yet when we have pain and physical limitation, it is like a veil that descends on our minds, and we begin to live our life through that pain or limitation. We define ourselves through it, as it dictates every part of our daily life – just like my chronic headaches did.

Between the ages of 14 and 24, not one of the specialists I ever saw  for my headaches could tell me why I had them so often or so bad, or what limitation was causing them. They told me to live with it. But how does one live with pain when it dictates your every move? My headaches decided whether I could drive to and from work without my eyes closing involuntarily and risking my life; whether I would be able to function effectively at work or have to sneak off to my car so I could avoid embarrassment because I couldn’t string a coherent sentence together. My pain clouded my brain preventing me from thinking clearly and making decisions about big and little things. They affected my moods, from the moment I woke with a headache to the moment I went to sleep with one, I would be irritable, depressed, or quiet. But the worst part was how much they drained me of energy, vitality, and life. And my best solution in the end was to spend a lot of time, effort and money understanding pharmaceuticals and becoming a prescription junkie. I wouldn't go anywhere without my bag of pills. All I was doing, however, was putting more band-aids on my pain, with no answers to what was causing them so I could deal with the cause. Not very sustainable.

From a young age I wanted to make a difference. But how could I possibly be a contribution and positive force in society, when I was burdened by pain or physical limitation?

Which brings me back to WHY I choose to dedicate myself to Kanetica, to see it reach as many people as we can possibly take it to in this lifetime:

When we have pain and limitations it affects every aspect of our life: simple things like doing daily tasks, playing sports, working, sleep. It affects our finances as we spending time, effort and money searching for answers and relief. It affects our emotions – we feel threatened or scared, we worry about surgery, losing our job/relationship, we are grumpy, cynical, despondent. As a result, it affects our relationships with people, as they are on the receiving end of our emotions. It affects our spirit and our soul, and sooner or later we lose hope.

When we are moving freely and become free of pain, when our bodies and spirits are healthy, we are happier and we do things that we loved to do – again or better. The veil of fear and worry lifts, we become pleasant to be around.

When we find freedom from pain and physical limitation, and are doing life better, we become not only better for ourselves, but we are better for our loved ones, our communities, and can be a force for good in society because our spirits finally shine with their true potential and purpose.

It is this last sentence that really drives us at Kanetica. Freeing someone from pain or physical limitation is really the first small step – it is lifting a veil off someone’s eyes and mind. Only then can we get to see the world and life, with all its possibilities and potential through their eyes. When we help someone else through Kanetica, and then observe their uplifted spirit, potential and power to be a force for good in society, then we become part of their life in a lasting way, and in so doing, we ourselves become enriched and know we are making a lasting difference.

That’s WHY I love Kanetica, what it stands for, and WHY I’m part of it’s future.

Oh by the way, my headaches? Rarely do I get one. And if I do, they are only ever slight in comparison to why I've lived through. Thanks to Kanetica, I have the awareness of my own body to work out what is causing them, and then know I can treat them (which usually involves a 5-minute “Kanetica quickie” from Basil instead of painkillers :)