Apr 01

Age Will Not Weary Me

Posted By Agata Mouasher

The most common musculoskeletal conditions affect up to 33% of the population at any given time. Pain and pain management is a huge concern to society’s wellbeing. Here are two inspiring stories of how two victims of these debilitating conditions turned vivacious with the help of Kanetica.

(Thanks to Kirsty Reddan, one of our Griffith University interns, who contributed significantly to this article)

Musculoskeletal conditions are extremely prevalent and their impact, pervasive. Affecting the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones, they are the most common root of physical disability and severe long and short-term pain, impinging hundreds of millions of people worldwide. 

The causes of musculoskeletal pain vary – postural strain, the over use or prolonged immobilisation of a body part, trauma to a particular area (jerking movements, car accidents, falls, and dislocations), or simply wear and tear from everyday activities. Whether the aches affect the entire body, or manifest in a specific spot, the pain can be severe. 

Julie Wilkins is a long-term sufferer of musculoskeletal pain, particularly in her lower back. At 8 she was hit by a car, and at 18, she was involved in another serious car accident. These two unfortunate incidents resulted in a lifetime of joint and muscle pain. Julie found it increasingly hard to complete simple household tasks and her condition progressed until she struggled to get out of bed, let alone dress herself. 

After unsuccessful attempts with acupuncture, intense pain killers and visits to chiropractors, the possibility of treatment seemed bleak. As Julie lost mobility, she lost hope. It was in this state that we met Julie. After just a few months and sessions with Kanetica, Julie has regained a considerable amount of movement, allowing her to drive and horse ride – activities she believed were no longer, and never would be, an option for her. 

Julie is not the only victim of musculoskeletal pain that is thankful for Kanetica. 

Kerry Dunn found grocery shopping difficult and a simple cough caused pangs of agony. She consulted specialists and underwent numerous therapies, scans and x-rays, yet failed to find a solution, even after back surgery. They faced the idea of a second mortgage to pay for another invasive $68,000 spinal surgery. Kerry was referred to Kanetica by another patients, and after eight sessions with Kanetica, she has noted an 80% improvement in her pain and movement! 

Kerry is fully functional – travelling, shopping, doing her sculpting. She even climbed to the summit of Mt Warning in New South Wales.

Both Julie and Kerry are now rid of their pervasive conditions and are able to live life without the restraints of chronic pain, disability or needless early aging. 

The Kanetica Method is unique, simple, and produces results, and it is stories like Julie and Kerry that inspire us to our commitment to make Kanetica more available to people through the hands of more practitioners!