About a year ago 

Dr Daneil James

Difference with 95% recovery after prolapse of the spinal disc with Kanetica

 At age of 89 I feel so much better after the Kanetica Therapy 


 I have less headaches 

Lisa Dawson

Neck- Back troubles and headaches solved with Kanetica Therapy

 Since my five sessions with you and the two follow ups I now have a supple, flexible and pain free body 

Sue Webter

 I'd seen Physio, Chiro - every sort of person you could see  

Tony Blair

Stricken by pain/Scoliosis in my back - Skiing again after Kanetica treatment

 The Kanetica Method gave me hope 

Tyson McEwen

Sciatica released using The Kanetica Method after hurt back and locked up hip