Step 1 - (Initial) Assessment + Consultation + Treatment (45 - 60 minutes)

Posture examination and digital analysis reading.
Structural Spring Test (joint movement condition). 

Range of movement / function test. 
A discussion about your work/life to determine how it may be impacting your body and wellbeing(eg: day to day tasks, time/body position when on the computer, at the workplace, driving, excessive physical workload, sporting activities etc). this Allows us to better understand the cause of the pain, limitation/problem. We can begin the therapy/advise tailored to suit your situation making the necessary corrections - balancing your body/wellbeing. 


Step 2 (Subsequent)- Treatment  (30 or 10 minutes)

We primarily treat the root cause of the problem - not just the symptoms. 

Kanetica™ Therapy carefully mobilises rigid joints, stiff muscles and other tissues by combining various repetitive movements using a non forced compress-and-release like technique. This realigns and rebalances your body, relieving you from pain and limitations - just like freeing up a dried-out, squeaky hinge.

Kanetica™ Therapy works best for people with, desk jobs and labour intensive work, chronic sports injury and enhancing peak performance in athletes/people, e.g. better quality with your golf swing.

Step 3 - (Management) - Sustain it

It is very important once you are out of the initial pain and limitation, to avoid it happening to you again, that we look at what Care and Management is needed and realistic for you, and tailored it specifically for each individual. 

Furthermore, this ensures reducing the risk of Chronic Disease (research shows 1-5 Australians), Freedom From Pain and Limitations, Moving Freely and Better Quality of Life.

Kanetica™ Therapy Produces Lasting Results!