Step 1 - (Initial) Assessment + Consultation + Treatment (60 minutes)


- Digital Posture analysis examination.
- Structural Test 
(joint mechanics - movement and condition

- Function Test 
(range of movement). 

- Discussion - work/life and how it may be impacting your body and wellbeing.
- Strategies, Solutions, and Treatment. 
(tailored specifically to you and your circumstances).



Step 2 (Subsequent)- Treatment  (30 minutes)

We primarily treat the root cause of the problem - not just the symptoms.
Kanetica™ Therapy carefully mobilises rigid joints, stiff muscles and other tissues, using a gentle, non-forced yet firm, compress-and-release like technique, allowing your body to free up (just like freeing a dried-out squeaky hinge), resulting in realignment and rebalancing of your body - relieving you from pain and limitations. 




Step 3 - (Management) - Sustaining Your New Results 


After the necessary corrections to your body are made, to prevent repeated injury and pain happening, again and again, and to reduce the risk of chronic Disease(research shows 1-5 Australians) we recommend a  Care Management routine tailoring for each individual.